Case Studies

Below are selected case studies from chosen client work and contract projects.

The Chris Long Foundation & Waterboys

Upon beginning work with the foundation in 2017, the digital media presence was lukewarm with disorganized content and standard social media practices in place. They boasted a modest 4,000 Instagram followers, 1,500 Facebook followers, and 3,100 Twitter followers.

We improved the quality of content by:

-Implementing better graphic design imagery
-Coordinating more focused and specific imagery from hired photographers and videographers
-Creating content pillars to more adequately organize content around foundation impact reports, updates, events, etc
-Improving the quality of the copywriting associated with social media posts as well as promotional materials and email marketing

Furthermore, there was an implementation of integrated real world events and activities to engage foundation supporters and sports fans alike that included things like:

-Auctions of items from athletes with athlete engagement and promotion on social platforms

-Contests for chances to meet our involved athletes, including shoot arounds with NBA players and scrimmages with NFL athletes

-Fundraising campaigns based around real-time events:
·Pledge campaigns in which fans could pledge a certain amount of money to be donated for every three-pointer our NBA athletes hit throughout a certain part of the season
·Pledge donations for every field goal/extra point kicked by one of our NFL athletes throughout the season

-Real-time updates during the annual “Conquering Kili” fundraiser event in which NFL athletes and military veterans team up to travel to Tanzania and climb Mount Kilimanjaro
·In addition, real-time training updates prior to the climb from involved NFL athletes with social campaigns to cast a vote for who would be the MVP of the climb

In 2018, the foundation had its best year to date, raising more than $2 million, and launching a successful branch of the foundation into the NBA – Digital media campaigns helped this program alone raise over $230,000 in four months. To date, the social media following has grown from 4,000 to 10.4K on Instagram (nearly 160% growth), 1,500 to 3,300 on Facebook, and 3,100 to nearly 9,000 on Twitter.

Legendary Man

The online community and e-commerce brand geared towards men and entrepreneurs was launched in 2016 with the help of KVA and our innovative approaches to digital media.

-Strong blog content was created with consistent output on a near-daily basis around themes that pertained to the topic of masculinity (i.e. fatherhood, home repair, auto repair, business, etc)

-Community building strategies were implemented to build a strong supporter base by creating live events to bond the community with the business
·Local scavenger hunts organized wherein business cards, tokens, discount coded cards, and prizes were hidden throughout the city (hiding spots being coordinated with local businesses) – Clues to the whereabouts were posted on Legendary Man social media pages – Community members went out to search, and the first to find the prize snapped a selfie and posted it to the LM social pages

By utilizing real world experiences with social and digital media platforms, the social pages grew rapidly – Instagram grew from 0 to 15K in seven months and Facebook from 0 to 4,500.

As the community grew, e-commerce products were developed to be sold. These products were e-books based around self-development, business and entrepreneurship, and self-improvement. These e-books were developed and written by KVA.

-Email marketing was built around providing value and information to customers, as well as selling e-books and e-commerce products. Email open rates reached 20%+ (6% higher than average e-commerce open rates)

-Product sales grew from $0 at launch to an average of $7,000 per month by the seven month mark

The Weekend Hiker

Online hiking/outdoor + health/fitness/nutrition brand that developed into an e-commerce brand.

First steps were to build consistent content output that engaged followers and built the community base:

-Memes, quotes, and branded imagery

-Sharing community posted content and highlighting community members

-Product reviews

-Video and photography that fit the niche

Helped to position the brand as a guide for community members:

·Informational content about products, tips, news etc
·Educational content around health and fitness, as well as nutrition
·Honest reviews of a variety of products and unboxing videos around new products

Built and A/B tested social media ads to build the community and maximize budget:
·Via small “burst” ad campaigns which were 7 days at a $2-$3 per day budget, we were able to get ads to a $0.09 CPC/CPL (Cost Per Like), averaging a reach of 3,000 per ad run and 200-300 new community members per ad run.

Average post reach grew to between 1,100 and 2,000 per post with an average engagement rate of 150-400 per post

Grew community from 0 to 10,000 in 11 months with a total advertising budget of $1,000

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