Clients/Contract Projects

Digital Media Specialist/Social Media Strategist & Coordinator, Waterboys & The Chris Long Foundation

Was responsible for organizing social media and content strategies for two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long’s non-profit foundation Waterboys, which brings clean water to communities in East Africa. Strategized storytelling and branded content for social media channels, developed and executed community outreach and relationship building, coordinated cross-promotional opportunities and content with other NFL players who are part of the organization, did graphic design for campaigns and promotions, and helped develop and carry out the voice of the organization.

Digital Media Specialist/Social Media Strategist & Coordinator/Web Designer, Paul M. Wood Creative

Work with creative director, writer, filmmaker, and multi-art synthesist Paul M. Wood to design and develop personal website based on client requests/vision. Also am responsible for community building & development as well as developing social media strategies and best practices, specifically geared toward Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Carry out graphic design projects, video editing and creation, content creation, campaign development, and content output optimization.

Social Media Manager and Strategist, Easterseals NJ

Handle social media coordination and strategy duties for the New Jersey branch of the nationwide non-profit Easterseals. Work with the organization’s Director of Marketing to curate social media pages, develop content calendars and plans for new original content, and run their social media pages. Also work on organizing collaborations with social media influencers and like-minded organizations and non-profits for cross-promotional opportunities.

Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager/Writer & Managing Editor, Beardbrand/Urban Beardsman

Handled social media management and coordination, as well as digital marketing strategies and content creation for Beardbrand and accompanying online publication Urban Beardsman Magazine. Also handled content writing for marketing materials, emails, company announcements and newsletters, and collaboration efforts.

In addition, was responsible for coordinating and running social media giveaways and contests, responding to and engaging in conversation with followers and readers, creating custom codes for tracking sales from social media platforms, and organizing and facilitating collaboration efforts with other businesses and organizations.

Research and Development/Social Media Specialist & Consultant/Copywriter, Uber Freight

Was responsible for researching and organizing industry trends, themes, and developments to create narratives and structured framework for implementation in company storytelling, branding, and messaging. Also consulted company on social media tactics and strategies as well as community engagement and consumer development plans.

Assistant Editor & Writer/Social Media Manager & Digital Marketing Manager, OneUpped Magazine

After helping launch OneUpped Magazine in November of 2016, was responsible for editing and organizing content submitted by our team of writers, as well as personally writing original content myself. Designed, coded, and scheduled articles to be published on our website and ensured SEO optimization, and handled social media responsibilities including, but not limited to, promotion of content across social media channels, organizing imagery and content to create a curated look, responding to viewers, readers, and followers, and facilitating contests and giveaways.

In addition, was responsible for marketing strategies including reaching out to companies and organizations to coordinate and facilitate collaborations, and discussing and organizing sponsored posts and ads.

Website Design, Q2B Quantum For Business

Worked to build Q2B’s 2018 practical quantum computing conference website with speakers’ information, video presentations, downloadable PDF presentations, social connections, shareable functionality, and overall web design and function.

Digital Media Specialist/Social Media Specialist & Coordinator, Usquaebach Scotch Whisky

Consulted and worked with Usquaebach Scotch Whisky to develop social media strategies, create graphic design work for promotional imagery, and work in community development and branding through social media channels.

Graphic Designer and Digital Design Consultant, Up Knorth

Worked with Canadian outdoor brand Up Knorth on designs for apparel and merchandise for launch of new seasonal lines of products.

Digital Media Specialist/Social Media Strategist & Coordinator, NFA Coaching

Coaching service founded by Dr. Amanda Barrientez geared toward entrepreneurs, offering business development strategies. Was responsible for developing social media strategies and best practices, specifically geared toward Instagram and LinkedIn. Carry out graphic design projects, video editing and creation, content creation, campaign development, and content output optimization.

Digital Media Specialist/Social Media Content Creation, Chad Weller

High performance life coaching service founded by Chad Weller. Am responsible for developing and creating social media content including graphic design, video production and editing, audio engineering and production, and SEO/keyword copywriting.

Social Media Manager/Copywriter, LNG Creative

Handled social media management and coordination duties for third party clients through LNG Creative Agency. Created content calendars for social media postings for clients that include medical centers, retirement facilities, car dealerships, event planning agencies, and local clothing stores. In addition, wrote copy including, but not limited to, website content population, video scripts, product descriptions, and marketing materials.

Marketing Specialist/Social Media Influencer Outreach, The Longhairs

Worked with The Longhairs – a San Diego owned and operated global community and business for men with long hair – doing social media outreach to influencers who aligned with brand standards. Helped develop the company’s Ambassador program and on-boarding processes. Facilitated collaborations and partnerships, as well as brought on new influencers into The Longhairs’ ambassador program.

Content Writer, Pipestry

Pipestry is a sales development agency that develops B2B companies and relationships. Was responsible for researching and writing twice weekly blog posts within the applicable topic scope of Pipestry’s field and brand, and ensuring all copy was optimized for SEO.

Design/Rebranding, Michael J Weiss

Worked with Florida-based folk musician Michael J Weiss on album design for his new live album 17 Lives, as well as developed a branding guide and redesigned + rebranded his website.

Communications Coordinator, Faith Farm Inc. (Non-Profit Addiction Recovery Center)

Designed and wrote copy for brochures, and was in charge of setting up, managing, and maintaining company’s social media accounts. Was responsible for facilitating communication between the organization, and local businesses and news outlets. Wrote press releases and news articles published in newsletters and local papers, and was responsible for content creation and marketing projects.

Social Media Strategist and Manager/Content Writer, Legendary Man

Developed strategies for social media channels including social ads and marketing, content curation and development, community building through engagement, and the facilitation of event promotions, contests and giveaways, and content marketing. In addition, wrote original SEO-optimized content for the company’s blog and prepared outside content for publication on the site.

Writing/Journalism/Editing Field Work

Freelance Writer, City Beat Magazine & The City Magazine

Worked as a freelance writer covering local events and news in the city of El Paso. Assigned features, event coverage, and local news stories.

Reporter, Las Cruces Sun News                                                                                             

Worked as a reporter covering local events and news in the city of Las Cruces. Assigned features, event coverage, and local news stories.

Staff Writer, Watermark Magazine

Worked as a staff writer covering events and news in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg areas. Assigned in-depth stories, feature articles, and profiles. Gained field experience, and strengthened information gathering and organizational skills.

Editor, EditBro                                                                                                                                 

Worked as an editor for new startup company EditBro. Company geared toward self-publishing authors, college level works, and a variety of other creative and academic publications. Responsible for editing projects for grammatical and structural errors, adherence to various publishing formats, as well as content and clarity of ideas and presentation.

 Reporter, Gloucester County Times

Worked for two years as a sports reporter for local paper. Was assigned to the southern New Jersey area to cover high school sports, as well as write feature articles and profiles of local athletes. Developed strong journalistic reporting skills, field experience writing/structuring a variety of different article types, and information gathering skills.

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