Our Approach (And Why It’s Better)

There are over 800 million active Instagram users, 25 million of which are businesses. There are approximately 2+ million active ads on the platform each month. That’s not even counting the amount of ads on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, not to mention email marketing campaigns, billboards on the side of the highway, TV commercials, and the slew of other adverts you come across all day every day. And yet even though this is the reality of today’s digital media and marketing landscape, companies and businesses insist on taking the same approach:

They create severely over-complicated and complex spreadsheets and documents detailing every aspect of their social media presence in excruciatingly boring detail. They develop a brand voice that’s stodgy and self-important, they nitpick which emojis are acceptable to use, they create copy and content that is so bland and generic that it might as well be a piece of microwaved Wonder Bread. They obsess over every word in a social media caption and suck the life out of all their content to ensure everything is safe and average. And they create an online voice and social media persona that feels about as interesting and engaging as a guy named Larry in an ill-fitting suit giving a PowerPoint presentation about paper stock.

Simple question now, guys:


This is social media. See how that word “social” is in there? If you go to a party and strike up a conversation with someone and they take themselves far too seriously, refuse to discuss or crack a smile at a list of very specific topics, posture to prove how important they are, and just regurgitate small talk and facts you’ve heard 8,000 times already, are you going to feel engaged and continue talking to them? Or are you going to sidle away and tell your friend that the stiff in the madras shorts and polo is kind of a schmuck?

You have to stand out in a noisy and crowded digital environment and make people want to engage with you. And the easiest and most enjoyable way of doing that is to loosen up and have some fun with it.

Our approach is simple: What makes you laugh, and what makes you stop scrolling and pay attention? Once we have that simple conversation, we can begin to develop digital media marketing and strategy ideas that are unique, engaging, and exponentially more interesting.

Here’s an example. We ran this ad for an online shop to generate clicks/conversions and sales at an approximate $.10 per click over a one month period:


It’s sleek, clean, has a little bit of wit, but is overall a pretty safe and generic looking ad. Then we ran this one:


It’s silly, funny, and doesn’t take itself too seriously but still manages to convey the idea that this is a shop where you can find great gifts for any occasion. And it compels you to click on it just to find out what this company is all about.

The first ad generated 400 clicks and 1 sale in a one month period. The second generated 1600 clicks, 8 email inquiries, and 29 sales in three weeks.

Why? Because you’ve seen the first ad a hundred times and there’s nothing all that unique or engaging about it. But the second has personality, it’s fun, and it gets a chuckle.

We approach digital media differently, because that’s the only way to succeed. Let your competitors do the same old crap – It’s time for you to step out of the box.

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